Sunday 22 July 2018

7 days of Nudes - #day 6 & 7

#Day6 - MAC & Charlotte Tilbury

Happy Sunday everyone - I am so sorry that I didn't get a chance to post my #day6 on day 6 😉Anyway better late than never I guess!

So yesterday my lip combo was MAC liner in 'Spice' which I wore already this week & is the beautiful brown pink nude & I just lined the lips with this. Then I applied another beautiful pink nude lippie from Charlotte Tilbury in shade 'Bitch Perfect'. I adore the luxurious packaging on Charlotte Tilbury products too - its this beautiful gold colour - I just love it! 

Now I have already mentioned that this brand does sit at a little higher price point & this one is approx. 32 euro from Brown Thomas. If this doesn't suit your budget check out my bargain buy suggestion from #day3 - its a fab nude & a fab price too! 

#Day7 - Rimmel & Luna by Lisa Jordan

Today my #LCOTD was a Rimmel liner & a Luna by Lisa Jordan lip gloss.

The liner was Rimmel Exaggerate in 'Eastend Snob' - this one is a really girly pink nude. I lined all of my lips as usual before applying my lippie of choice! You can pick up Rimmel in most pharmacies nationwide & its such an affordable brand!

Then my lipstick of choice today was one of my Luna by Lisa glosses in shade 'Sapphire' which dries almost to a matte lipstick finish. This is one from the four glosses in the Luna by Lisa 'Blush edition' glosses. The pack of 4 glosses is 30 euro & you can buy this in certain pharmacies stocking Luna products & online at 

I love 'Sapphire' as its a gorgeous pink nude - its so pretty! These glosses are fairly long lasting for the price, feel lovely & smooth on the lips & they smell amazing!! I absolutely love beauty products that smell fab! - it makes me love them more 💋😃 Also the packaging is really high end & the rose gold lid & writing is just so fab! 

Anyway that was #day6 & #day7 LCOTD!! 

As you can see from the week of #nudelip suggestions I am committed to my make up addiction!! 😭I particularly love nude lips so I have lots more lipsticks, liners & glosses in my make up bag!! I just wanted to share my top ultimate favs.

As this included A LOT of products I wanted to round up my go to nude lipstick, liner & gloss for you all! So drum roll.....😮😁 go to nude lippie is a fav. of mine for years & it has to be MAC 'Velvet Teddy' - I just adore this one & reach for it most days. My go to lip liner is also from MAC & it is in shade 'Spice' - this goes with lots of different nude lips & changes up some of my lighter lippies - I am obsessed with this & I am almost out of my current one & will def. re purchase it! 

Now I dont' wear a gloss everyday but when I do I would mostly reach for 'Sapphire' from Luna by Lisa - the shade is just the most perfect pink nude & I love how it looks with lots of different liners!

So there you have it guys, 7 days of nude lippies, liners & glosses & of course my all time number one products!!

I hope you enjoyed this week of LCOTD suggestions & if you use any of these or pick up any of my recommendations I would love to hear how you get on using them. 

Hope you all have a fabulous week! x

I will catch up with you on all in my next blog post on Wednesday eve. - tune in for some new beauty products incl. a beautiful highlighter suggestion.

#new week #positivevibes 






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