Thursday 19 July 2018

7 days of Nudes - #Day4

Day 4 - MAC Cosmetics

Happy Thursday girls! 😘 x

For #day4 of #7daysofnudes I am sharing my wedding lip combo of choice - its a pink nude! I wanted something soft & natural but yet something that looked a little glam! So I chose a Mac lip liner in shade 'Soar' which is a classic pink nude tone. I always line & fill in the lips with the liner before applying the lipstick so it gives a deeper colour pay off.

As you can see I use this a lot!! 

You can pick this liner up in store or online at Brown Thomas -

My lipstick was MAC in shade 'Faux' - this one is the satin finish so it leaves a lovely sheen on the lips! Again this is a beautiful pink nude - it's so girly & pretty! 

Here is my Wedding Make up Artist Derrick Carberry applying my lippie on my big day!

Check Derrick out on insta @Derrick_Carberry - he is an incredible MUA
On my wedding day I added a MAC gloss in shade 'Ample Pink' just to add an extra shine to give glam & to complete the look I wanted!

 I have inserted two pictures below of just my lips LOL today - its just I had a no make up day so I look a little strange with a glossy nude lip & nothing else!! 😛
Lip combo with no lip gloss x
Lip combo with gloss x
I just wanted to insert both pics as some girls don't like gloss so Id like you to see it both ways! Also keep in mind that in certain lights the shade can look a little more pink & when you are wearing foundation it looks even nicer. I just love love this lip combo - it is the classic pink nude!
As you can see in my first pic this one is almost gone I use it so much & its a special one for me as I wore it on my wedding day!
Hope you like this lip combo suggestion & hope you are all enjoying my nude lipstick recommendations! There is lots more to come! 😏
Chat you all tomorrow - yeaahhh for Friday!


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