Tuesday 17 July 2018

7 days of Nudes - #Day2

Day 2 - Charlotte Tilbury & Huda Beauty

Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday! πŸ˜‰

So today my lip combo is a mix of a Huda Beauty lip liner & a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. My liner is the Huda Beauty lip contour liner in 'Trendsetter'. This is a fab long - lasting brown nude liner which gives a fuller contoured effect to the lips! The colour is highly pigmented so if you fill in your whole lips, as I did today, you could actually wear it alone, like a lipstick or maybe just add a little gloss to add more texture! 

You can purchase Huda Beauty products from Brown Thomas & Cult Beauty - I actually purchased mine from Cult Beauty - www.cultbeauty.co.uk/Huda-beauty 

My lipstick is Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips lipstick in shade 'Kim K. W'. This shade is inspired by Kim Kardashian's signature nude lip. Charlotte Tilbury describes this shade as a light pinky beige nude & the perfect vintage - inspired colour reminiscent of 1960's screen sirens!

The CT Hot lips lipsticks are described on the brand website as having light - diffusing pigments which help to give your lips a luminous effect. As a result of the blend of waxes used the lipstick just glides on giving a seamless finish. 

When I bought this first I wasn't too sure as it is quite light in colour on its own. However I started playing around with it & using different lip liners & now it has become one of my many go to nude lippies! It is very versatile as you can make the shade different by simply using different liners or a gloss over the top!  

The creamy texture gives a lovely finish & it feels lovely on the lips! It is quite long - lasting but I have to say I would expect this from the Charlotte Tilbury brand & for the price tag - as it is 32 euro it is def. a higher price point!!

I have inserted a pic below of the Kim K. W. lipstick with Charlotte Tilbury 'Pillow Talk' lip liner. I just wanted to show you the same lipstick with a different liner. The 'Pillow Talk' liner is another lovely barely there nude liner that can be themed with lots of other lippies too! This one is 22 euro & you can purchase from Brown Thomas - www.brownthomas.com/brands/charlotte-tilbury/lips/lip-cheat-lip-liner

Hope you all like today's lip combo suggestions! I know that some of you may think there is no difference in one nude lip & the next but I think there really is so many different shades to love & enjoy. At the end of the week I will reveal a top nude lipstick & a top nude liner for anyone only wanting to pick one of each. I totally understand my obsession is a little crazy!! I want them all!!  πŸ˜‚

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