Wednesday 18 July 2018

7 days of Nudes - #Day3

Day 3 - Wet & Wild & Flormar

So we have all made it to mid week 😚 ...on the home stretch now to the weekend!! Woo hoo!!

Happy Wednesday! 😤

Today I am delighted to share a great budget buy nude lip combo! 

My liner is from Wet & Wild & it is in the shade 'Brandy Wine'! This liner is, as the name suggests, a beautiful wine colour & it lasts pretty well for its' price tag! You can pick this one up in Penneys for around 4 euro!! You might also get it in pharmacies that stock Wet & Wild. This product is so versatile & can be used with lighter & darker lippies. It is def. a good one to have in your make up bag & why not at this price!!

So I have as usual lined & filled in my lips with the liner to give a deeper base. 

Then I have applied my budget friendly lippie from Flormar - it is the Flormar Deluxe Cashmere in shade 'Absolute Nude' - I will pop a few pics below of the product so you can pick up the right one if you like it! 😉

The shade is a beautiful pinky nude & looks so soft & natural on! Its a fab day time nude look & used with liners & glosses makes it look so chic.  It is really smooth & it feels nice & moisturising on the lips. It wears well but like after eating & drinking or after a certain length of wear you might have to top up but I don't mind this at all! Most times we will have to top up during the day at least once or twice! 

This lipstick really is a steal for the quality & look of the product! It is also highly pigmented considering the price too! 

You can buy Flormar in most pharmacies & I see online that Meaghers pharmacy stocks some Flormar products - see their website here - or buy it directly from Flormar online - 

The best part is you are getting a great product for a great price - it is only 5.95 😁

I love this lip combo & I first came across the suggestion on fellow Blogger Michelle Ross' blog 'Needs not wants'! Love it!! 

It is def. a winner! 💋


Hope you like it!




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